Important Information:

Commonwealth Sanctuary | 522 5th Ave. Dayton, KY
Important Information
Of all the information listed on this page, this is probably the most important:
Doors open one hour before show time. Shows start promptly at the time they are scheduled. Get here early to ensure good parking and good seats. If you do not arrive by show time, we may give away your seats to those on the waitlist. We will refund tickets up until ten minutes before show time. No refunds will be given after this time.

House Rules

When attending our events, remember the following:
1. No Heckling
2. No Outside Food or Drink
3. No Video Recording
4. Be Kind


While street parking in Dayton, KY is public and free, we respectfully request that our guests refrain from parking on 5th Ave. Our neighbors feel the crunch on parking availability during our events, and we can all help relieve that pressure by parking on Dayton Ave, McKinney Avenue, 6th Avenue and the free city parking lots available within one block of our venue.

Who are we?

Shawn Braley, Creative Director (Talent Bookings)


Jacoba Wells, Programming Director (Community Events)


Nathan Kroeger, Artistic Director (Questions, Concerns, Media Inquiries)


Maggie Crady, Associate Producer

Sebastian Russell, Associate Producer

Important Information About Buying Tickets

Commonwealth Sanctuary does not honor third-party ticket sales. To attend our events, you must purchase through the Commonwealth Sanctuary Eventbrite links provided on this site, or in-person at the door. If you purchased a ticket from an individual or service other than Commonwealth Sanctuary, you will not be granted admission, nor will we be responsible for any loss of your funds. If you need to request a refund for your tickets, do so through the Eventbrite app.


We are pleased to offer you many delicious food and drink options during our events. During our comedy and music concerts we utilize a silent service system and full table service. To order, you fill out a small form with the items from the menu that you want, place atop the table center piece, and a server picks it up, fills your order, and brings it to you. This system allows for a near distraction-free environment for our performances. During our other events, we utilize counter service from our concession stand.


Unless otherwise noted, our events are open to all ages. However, some of our events, like stand-up comedy, may contain content that some guests will find offensive, or inappropriate for some age groups. We encourage audience members to do their own research before attending a performance or event to ensure their own comfort while in attendance. Guests under 18 years of age must attend with an adult.


Commonwealth Sanctuary is housed in the recently renovated, historic former Tower Methodist Church, originally built in 1914. It is no longer a church! Rather, we have converted the purpose of this beautiful old building to bringing you exquisitely curated live entertainment. We have, however, gone to great lengths to preserve the original character of the building while updating for it’s new purpose. We retained all the original stained glass windows and custom-built, curved pews.

We have added a full concession stand with draft beer and wine, as well as many canned drinks, including cocktails and Delta-9 beverages. We partner with local Dayton, KY business Kate’s Catering for our prepared food options. We have added full lighting and sound systems, as well as a complete broadcast-quality video system for recording events and live podcasts. We are exclusively partnered with Third Rule Media to produce our recorded content.


NOTE: Because of the age and architecture of the building, this facility is not wheelchair accessible.