What are we?

So what the heck is this place, anyway? Well, Commonwealth Sanctuary is Northern Kentucky’s only comedy club. It is also Northern Kentucky’s only dedicated listening room. And, we are a premiere community events venue.
It is housed in the historic, former Tower Methodist Church, built in 1914 in Dayton, KY. We lovingly renovated this beautiful old building in 2023 for its new purpose.
The facility features a full sound system, programmable stage lighting, a 150-inch rear projection movie screen, and a concession stand where we serve a full menu, including beer, wine, and cocktails. Our food is provided by Kate’s Catering, a local Dayton, KY business. To learn more about our food and drink offerings, go here to see our menus.
Who What Why
Packed house at Commonwealth Sanctuary!

Why are we doing this?

The answer to why we are doing this is pretty simple. We love to laugh and enjoy life. We figure, maybe you like to as well? And if we can be a part of helping you to laugh and enjoy your life, then that seems like a pretty good business to be in.

Who are we?

Shawn Braley, Creative Director (Talent Bookings)


Jacoba Wells, Programming Director (Community Events)


Nathan Kroeger, Artistic Director (Questions, Concerns, Media Inquiries)


Maggie Crady, Associate Producer

Sebastian Russell, Associate Producer


During our comedy and music concerts we utilize a silent service system and full table service. To order, you fill out a small form with the items from the menu that you want, place atop the table center piece, and a server picks it up, fills your order, and brings it to you. This system allows for a near distraction-free environment for our performances. During our other events, we utilize counter service from our concession stand.


Unless otherwise noted, our events are open to all ages. However, some of our events, like stand-up comedy, may contain content that some guests will find offensive, or inappropriate for some age groups. We encourage audience members to do their own research before attending a performance or event to ensure their own comfort while in attendance.


NOTE: Because of the age and architecture of the building, this facility is not wheelchair accessible.